Tropical gardens in our region can attract a wide variety of wildlife. If you want more wildlife action in your garden, try adding native plants to offer natural food to attract various species.

But we add more than just a plant. Extra colour, sounds and movement add another layer as more wildlife explore our area. Also adding water bowls at different heights including on the ground caters for different wildlife. With native food and water as incentives why wouldn’t they move in.

Go to Fauna and their Flora food and see examples of native plants attractive to wildlife species and available in Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery. Here is a list of plants available at various times of the year. People at the nursery will also give you ideas of a variety of plants that will flower at different times. Planting this way keeps the wildlife around longer too.

 To read more about the great diversity of unique plants and wildlife in the Wet Tropics explore the Wet Tropics Management Authority website.

More native plants, more watering spots and you will be enjoying more wildlife action in your garden.

Of course new plants in your garden, or even if establishing a new garden takes time for your work to bring in the wildlife. Would you like to check out what would work for you, Or even what wildlife you may see before you plant?

A great way to do this is to become a volunteer with Kuranda Conservation Community (KCons) nursery. You can become involved in various activities and at the same time watch various wildlife species around the nursery. The shots below have all been taken on the KCons’ grounds.