What tree is that?

Podocarpus or Brown Pine

What tree is that? Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery provides an ID service for rainforest plants of Far North Queensland. To make identification easier, it is helpful if you can provide as much as possible of the material and information listed below  – not always an easy task with rainforest giants! But if you have mature fruit only, this is often enough to provide an accurate ID. Bring the plant material to the Nursery on Saturday morning.

Rainforest plant identification North Queensland

As many of these items as possible helps with ID:

♦ Fruit, mature preferably

♦ Leaves – several, fresh mature leaves attached to a branch

♦ Flowers, buds

♦  Bark – small piece and/or description

♦ Location

♦ Habit – tree, vine, shrub, fern or herb

♦ Height

All images are of the Brown Pine or Plum Pine, Podocarpus elatus

Computer identification of native plants

You can also visit CSIRO Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants which provides an easy to use and simple means of naming a rainforest plant using whatever information is available.

The descriptions are combined with high quality colour images for most species, leaf X-ray images and a map showing natural distribution.


  • includes 2553 species of plants, now including herbs, grasses, palms and pandans
  • easy identification of rainforest flora even if only part of the plant is available
  • over 11,000 colour images of flowers, fruit, leaves, seedlings and leaf x-rays
  • data represents the culmination of over 40 years study by Australia’s leading research group on Australian tropical rainforest flora based at CSIRO’s Australian National Herbarium – Atherton and now relocated to the Australian Tropical Herbarium in Cairns
  • based on the world’s most comprehensive collection of Australia’s tropical flora held in the Australian Tropical Herbarium, previously CSIRO’s Australian National Herbarium – Atherton.