Plant at Your Place

Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery has a range of trees, shrubs, vines and small plants for your garden. We also stock large trees if your property is able to carry them.

They are sold at cost price which enables us to buy more pots, soil, garden tools etc. KCons is happy to advise on what and where to plant on your property, and how to prepare the ground, if necessary. And we will come and give you a hand to put them in. All you need to do is to buy the plants and provide morning tea for the workers. We usually plant on a Saturday morning as this is when most of our volunteers are available.

To make arrangements for a planting, contact us or drop around to the nursery at 1 Pademelon Lane on a Saturday morning between 9 am and 11.30 (11.30 if you fancy a cuppa). Sometimes we will be out planting or collecting cassowary scats  so, if you are coming any distance, it is be best to phone or email first.

Problems of de-forestation

It would be bad enough for dogs, but just image if this were cassowaries, or bats, or birds, lined up for their last food tree. Please, plant another native tree!!