New Kuranda cassowaries: To Dad and Missy, two chicks, date of birth, recently!

Great  news that two new Kuranda Cassowaries have been sighted, especially after our last very sad post about Harriet/Wattle. Dad and Missy have been observed in the Black Mountain Road area with two chicks. Please take extra care if you are driving on that road in particular and please, please, slow down. Cassowaries are not in the least road-wise. Can you let us know if you see them, especially if there are  more than two chicks,  and if you can, send pics.

We will bring you pics as soon as we are able to, so watch this space… and check out Karl the Cassowary a song and video by Paul Webster. Perhaps one of the new Kuranda cassowaries might be named after Karl – Karl Jnr.

Visit the Save the Cassowary Page

to find out more about cassowaries and join Kuranda Conservation to find out what you can do to help preserve this unique, endangered and magnificent bird. You can help to ensure that new Kuranda cassowaries happens so often that it is not news, but an event that happens so frequently that we take it for granted. Wouldn’t that be heaven!

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