… now the guessing starts!

What could it be that’s free?

  • A cassowary? No, this is our messenger.
  • A trip to an exotic location? No, we already live in one.
  • A set of knives? No, who wants more washing up.

No – this time it is something with a much longer impact.

A wonderful option is now here for you to consider. Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery (KCons) is giving away a free tree seedling from our nursery stock. Yes, a totally free plant for each person who asks. There is a wide assortment to choose from. If you want some advice about what, where and when to plant it, that is free as well.

Kuranda is part of Australia’s Wet Tropics World Heritage area. For more information about why planting native trees is so important here, visit the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s page.

So, are you willing to take up this offer? Would you plant a tree for the future of yourself, your area, and our collective environment? If so, please come to the KCons Nursery, 1 Pademelon Lane, Kuranda, soon and ask for your free tree seedling. It would be wonderful to see a long line of willing gardeners arriving.

This tender young shoot of a Castonospermum australe (Black Bean tree) sprouts at the broad base of its parent tree. Let’s look towards the future.

Castonospermum australe, Black Bean tree seed shoot photo Lorraine Harris, seedling, new growth, tree, rainforest, regeneration, wetTropics, worldHeritage,

The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit”
by Nelson Henderson.