Seeds for the Nursery

Bird Seed, digitally manipulated photos, Gerhard HillmanThis striking and poignant work by Gerhard Hillman,  epitomises the purpose of gathering seeds for our nursery:  to restore and replenish the forests and gardens of our area so that the cassowary can remain safe in its habitat and thrive, not just survive.

The image reminds us that the cassowary cannot exist without the great range of flora that constitutes its living space, and that the plants are as beautiful as the bird. Not only the cassowary benefits from the immense variety and complexity of  flora, it is classified as both a cornerstone and an umbrella species, and so if the cassowary becomes extinct, this will threaten many other creatures.

Collect seeds now!

So, start collecting, please! And bring the seeds to the KCons Nursery, 1 Pademelon Lane.

♦ Seeds should be mature. If you are unsure if they are native or not, bring them along for us to identify them.

♦ It is illegal to collect seeds without a permit from World Heritage and National Park areas.

♦ We collect all seeds, but are especially interested in those from shrubs and smaller trees which can be planted in home gardens and under power lines.




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Rainforest seeds (various) photo Lorraine Harris