4Ss Project at Kuranda District State College

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Podocarpus elatus, Brown or Plum pine, mature tree

4Ss stands for Sustainable Society, Schools and Sawmills

The 4Ss Project is based at the Kuranda District State College. The purpose of the 4Ss project is to:

• develop a focus for the region other than tourism

• develop a sustainable industry for the region and, consequently, improve our quality of life

• educate our children and the community in a real, hands-on, practical, visible way

• promote the region as a centre of excellence in tropical native forestry and environmental studies, and

• promote the concept that the environment is our most valuable economic asset.

4Ss Project timber tree

Podocarpus elatus, Brown or Plum pine

The fleshy part of the seed cone is edible, and used in condiments. The timber is prized for furniture, joinery, boat planking, lining and piles in salt water. Podocarpus elatus is an attractive ornamental tree. In older Australian suburbs it can be seen lining streets.