Identifying weeds and what to do

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Miconia calvescens, photo Bruce A, Bohm

It is important that all members of the community watch out for new and emerging weeds in areas where they live, work and play. Controlling weeds is far more successful when infestations are only small and relatively contained. The more ‘eyes on the ground’ to look for new weeds in their area, the better. This allows land managers to treat weed outbreaks before the infestation spreads far and wide.

What to look for

• Any plant that appears to be new to an area that you have not seen before
• A plant that you know is a weed but have not seen in a particular area before
• Declared weeds, particularly Class 1 and Class 2 weeds
• Any plant that looks suspect and out of place. Here are a few indicators to look for:

♦ Large showy flowers, prolific seed pods and fruits
♦ Vine or scrambler that is smothering other vegetation
♦ The plant is generally taking over the area and is forming a monoculture

What to do

If you see a weed, go to Report a Weed or, contact  Department of Agriculture, Fishes and Forestry Queensland,  your local council or Kuranda Conservation on 4093 8834.