Xanthostemon whitei, redPenda, kurandaConservation, kCons, kuranda

Our protagonist is a tree.

That used to be a human being.

But is now a tree

And really likes it better that way.

Unfortunately our tree is about to be

Turned back into a human being

When it is cut down as a tree.

This is not an uncommon occurrence.

Haven’t you noticed

That the more trees that are cut down

The more people there are?

world 3


“Tree” by Richard James Allen, from the book The Air Dolphin Brigade (Paper Bark Press and Shoestring Press, 1995).
This poem was sourced through the Australian Poetry Library 
Photos : ( Top) The  Big Penda, Xanthostemon whitei,  Graham Bell (Bottom)  Paris crowd,  James Cridland Flickr


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