The nursery at KCons

The nursery stock of 6000 plants is generated from seeds of local native flora. The plants are available to members of the public at a modest price.  KCons members, and other volunteers from the community, regularly plant public and private regeneration projects. KCons also provides plants for allied organizations.

Pittosporum rubignosum, Hairy Red Pittosporum, kurandaConservation, kCons,

Pittosporum rubignosum, Hairy Red Pittosporum

Nursery Plant List

The list of plants which are generally available at the nursery. The list will vary according to plantings and sales and seasonal supply of seeds.

The Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery at Pademelon Lane is open nearly all the time, except when it’s occasionally not! Call 40938834 to check if you are making a special visit.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to get native species on to your property by supplying cheap (but the best) plants. We carry lots of low growing plants for screens, under power lines, close to your house or to hold erosion. We can help you plant the right tree in the right place.

 AND …

We specialise in Cassowary food plants and are keen to get you thinking about planting native timber trees – the only really sustainable resource for the future.

We enjoy the company of our friends on a Saturday morning and get heaps of seeds sown and plants potted – along with downing cups of tea and coffee. Please feel free to pop by.