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WORLD CASSOWARY DAY Saturday 26 September 2015 The second World Cassowary Day at the C4 and Mission Beach Visitor Centre, on the beach at Porters Promenade All day event for the whole community. There will be lots of displays, including one from KCons, guest speakers, competitions, Aboriginal dancing, stories, native animals, music and food The event is being […]

Death Notice

Death Notice   We are extremely sorry to tell you that the cassowary known as Harriet or Wattle was killed by vehicle strike on Black Mountain Road on Friday. The bird did not die instantly and was later found by passers by, mortally injured but still breathing. KCons was alerted and she was transported to […]

Cassowary monitoring

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First shots for our Cassowary monitoring programme from the  motion-activated cameras set up near Black Mountain Road. They show a  cassowary about to cross the road. Also captured are the logging trucks which use the road. The drivers recognize the need for care and slow down at this recognized cassowary crossing, but it does highlight […]

How to identify a cassowary

Identify a Cassowary Cassowaries are like people, they are easily recognizable, but  to identify a cassowary, you do need to know what to look for.  As a result of the interest in the recent workshop conducted by Kuranda Conservation, a new page CASSOWARY IDENTIFICATION  has been added to the SAVE THE CASSOWARY menu which shows how to identify a cassowary. The […]

Join us on Saturday mornings at the Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery

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Join us on Saturday mornings at the Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery Feel free to pop by to 1 Pademelon Lane Kuranda – we enjoy the company of our friends and visitors on a Saturday morning at tour 6000 plant  nursery and get heaps of seeds sown and plants potted – along with downing cups of tea and coffee. […]