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Plant a local native

Visit the Plant me instead! page for native alternatives to exotics and pest plants (weeds) The Plant Me Instead! are local plants  of similar size and flower colour to the non natives or exotics, so your garden or bush aesthetic can be maintained with natives. These enhance our ecosystem to the benefit of a wide range of its animals and insects. Sometimes of course, there is no […]

Death Notice

Death Notice   We are extremely sorry to tell you that the cassowary known as Harriet or Wattle was killed by vehicle strike on Black Mountain Road on Friday. The bird did not die instantly and was later found by passers by, mortally injured but still breathing. KCons was alerted and she was transported to […]

Cassowary monitoring

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First shots for our Cassowary monitoring programme from the  motion-activated cameras set up near Black Mountain Road. They show a  cassowary about to cross the road. Also captured are the logging trucks which use the road. The drivers recognize the need for care and slow down at this recognized cassowary crossing, but it does highlight […]


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VOLUNTEERS AT KCONS FROM GE POWER AND WATER KCons welcomed these volunteers from GE Power and Water who spent a busy afternoon potting, weeding and planting a new site. The members, who met together in Cairns for a conference, are from all over Queensland, and volunteer in many capacities in as many organizations across the state. […]

How to identify a cassowary

Identify a Cassowary Cassowaries are like people, they are easily recognizable, but  to identify a cassowary, you do need to know what to look for.  As a result of the interest in the recent workshop conducted by Kuranda Conservation, a new page CASSOWARY IDENTIFICATION  has been added to the SAVE THE CASSOWARY menu which shows how to identify a cassowary. The […]

Australia Day Award for Environmental Excellence

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Congratulations to Dianne Daniels who received the 2014 Australia Day Award for Environmental Excellence from the Mareeba Shire Council. Diane is currently treasurer of KCons, a position she has held for several years. She received the award for her outstanding contribution and dedication to the restoration and  preservation our local environment over many years as […]