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How to identify a cassowary

Identify a Cassowary Cassowaries are like people, they are easily recognizable, but  to identify a cassowary, you do need to know what to look for.  As a result of the interest in the recent workshop conducted by Kuranda Conservation, a new page CASSOWARY IDENTIFICATION  has been added to the SAVE THE CASSOWARY menu which shows how to identify a cassowary. The […]

Plant ID Service

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KCons can help to identify plants native to this region    KCons provides a plant ID service for native plants of our area. To make identification easier, it is helpful if you can provide as much as possible of the material and other information in the list below. This is not always an easy task with […]

Motion-activated cameras capture cassowaries

5 motion-activated cameras at work in the Kuranda region Motion-activated cameras are now capturing cassowaries in the Kuranda region. KCons recently received grant funds for the cameras to help identify the number of cassowaries in the Kuranda region. Pic shows the  team getting them ready for action. Outdoor motion-activated cameras are commonly used for wildlife […]