KCons operates an 8 bay worm farm where compost worms transform native animal manures into casts – a rich source of nutrients for the nursery in the form of worm ‘juice’ and vermicasts which are incorporated into the potting mix. This combination produces strong, healthy nursery stock which transplant well. Vermicasts improve the physical and biological properties of soil, organically enriching your soil.

Kuranda Conservation Worm Farm

KCons worm farm


Worm Casts:

  • Improve germination and reduces transplant shock.

  • Improve root growth and plant rooting structure.

  • Ensure timely release of plant available nutrients (no risk of fertilizer burn).

  • Improve soil structure and porosity for a better root environment.

  • Improve moisture infiltration rates (reduces erosion).

  • Provide a beneficial supply of microorganisms to surrounding soil and growing media.

  • It is odorless.

  • It is safe around kids and pets

  • Great supply of water soluble nutrients to plants.

KCons  farm is based on a design by Alan and Diane Creasy at Enviromart Cairns and was built with the generous support of  Mission Australia. Worms,  juice and castings, may be purchased from the nursery at a very reasonable cost.

It is very easy and interesting as well to have your own worm farm. It is an excellent way of recycling vegetable, fruit and garden clippings to minimise waste and conserve your environment. The effects on the growth and health of your plants are apparent.  Not only that, the plants see you coming with the diluted casts or  juice, and smile at you as well.

There are some good tips for starting a worm farm at many sites on the internet.

Gardening Australia also has a very helpful and informative fact sheet: Building a vermifarm.

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Special compost worms in a little vermicast