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KCons can help to identify plants native to this region   

KCons provides a plant ID service for native plants of our area. To make identification easier, it is helpful if you can provide as much as possible of the material and other information in the list below. This is not always an easy task with rainforest giants!  It is not essential to have all of the items listed. If you have mature fruit only, this is often enough to provide an accurate plant ID. Some leaves on a branch or twig, or fallen  leaves from the base of the tree or plant is also very helpful.

Ideal list for plant ID service – not all are necessary

♦ Fruit, mature preferably

♦ Leaves – several, fresh mature leaves attached to a branch

♦ Flowers, buds

♦  Bark – small piece and/or description

♦ Location

♦ Habit – tree, vine, shrub, fern or herb

♦ Height

Podocarpus or Brown Pine images from