Feral Pig Trapping


Feral pigs are a threat to the habitat of much of our Wet Tropics wildlife. Cassowaries are particularly vulnerable and have to compete for food.

There are a number of issues we have to deal with to rid the environment of feral pigs without causing the animal undue stress.

Kuranda is largely rural residential, so trapping is the only acceptable method of catching the pest and a quick, well placed bullet under controlled conditions is the most humane way of dispatching it.

To undertake the sequence of events from capture to disposing of the carcase, a range of qualified people in several agencies need to be involved.

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Jarawee pig, end of story

KCons  has a coordinating role. We take calls from residents who report pig activity, organise the placement of traps and train landholders how to manage their traps and bait them with the correct food. Once a pig is caught, we notify the DEH, TRC, shooters and police in a timely way to bring the exercise to a successful conclusion.

This takes money, time and effort. So far, the willingness of all parties to cooperate collectively is falling into place nicely.

You can come aboard right now by calling us to report on pig activity around your place.  Phone 4093 8834 or contact us on the contact form at the bottom of this page.

For an overview of the feral pig problem in Queensland, visit Department of  Agriculture and Fisheries.