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Cassowary made from recycled materials by Reuse and Recycle Cairns

How to organize a Garage Sale

Garage sales, yard sales, tag sales, boot sales. Whatever you call them, they’re a great way to recycle. The kids in the Summer Science Program at Home Schooling Adventures in the US, say that “Organizing a garage sale involves so much more than picking out everything that you don’t need and tossing it out into your empty garage. In order to make back the profit you would like for the effort you have put into organizing your sale, you must treat the sale like a strategic plan. With proper planning, reliable allies, and a clean garage, you can build your garage sale to be the most profitable sale on the block. As you prepare for the big day, keep these things in mind…”


Reuse and Recycle Cairns


Lake Street Cairns QLD 4870 Contact: Char Paul Phone:  0406 123 381

RRC is is a registered incorporated Not-For-Profit. We provide free resources to community orgs and charities etc. Presently, we are an online service only, linking people with stuff that is too good for the tip to community groups in need, or to recycle groups that can make good use of those resources. We are fundraising to rent a depot in the near future where items not passed onto community groups can be sold, for a donation, to the local public.We strive to create community networks, enable community groups to help the rest of us they way that they want to, and to keep useable resources from the tip.To enable effective functioning, RRC needs to have access to a Hive of data~ A Network of supportive Cairns locals. This way we know who to contact when we have Recyclables that need a home, Recyclables to collect, or volunteer/work experience opportunities.* Joining the Hive is FREE.
* You do not need to be a Member of RRC to join the Hive.
* Your information entered into the Hive is not shared with other Hive Networkers or outside organisations, without your explicit permission.
* You do not need to provide any information to the Hive that you do not wish