How to help

Help us to conserve our environment and its wonderful array of flora and fauna such as the beautiful Victoria’s Rifle bird, by joining Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery (KCons) and participating in the projects that interest you.

If you are keen to start another project – we are too!

Become a member or subscriber  It is free to join as a member or a subscriber to the web page. You are a member until you decide to quit. Just send your details in the contact form: Name and email – phone, home postal address

Become a volunteerAre you new to the Kuranda area, or have some spare time on your hands?  We would really appreciate more help.  Please either fill in the form below or drop in to the KCons nursery to chat in person.

Report a Cassowary sighting or Casso poo – go to Save the Cassowary

Use the Cassowary Alert app You can help if you sight a cassowary on the Kuranda Range or elsewhere.   We encourage you to support us in the trial of the new QLDTraffic app’s ‘Report a Cassowary sighting’.

Donations. All donations to Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery’s Cassowary Conservation Fund (the Fund) are for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects of the association. Donations of $2+ are Tax Deductible and support our ongoing work in cassowary conservation.  Online donating details will be added shortly.  So until then please contact Jax on 07 4093 8834.

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