How to help


Help us to conserve our environment and its wonderful array of flora and fauna. Help us protect unique, precious native species, such as the iconic Southern Cassowary, beautiful Victoria’s Riflebird, and magnificent Ulysses Butterfly by joining Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery (KCons) and participating in the projects that interest you.

Plant native & plant local. Visit our nursery at 1 Pademelon Lane, Kuranda. From starting a pollinator garden, to cultivating bush foods, to encouraging Cassowaries to visit, to restoring the rainforest – we’ll help you select the right plants for your place. All profits go to support our community nursery’s conservation work.  

Become a volunteer.  Are you new to the Kuranda area, or have some spare time on your hands?  We would welcome your help. Please either fill in the form below or drop in to the KCons nursery to chat in person. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and all ages and levels of skill and experience are welcome. If you are keen to start another project – we are too!

Donate native plant seeds or Casso poo. Much of our nursery’s stock is grown from seeds donated by local residents in the Kuranda area. Native rainforest plants of local provenance are the best suited to revegetation and other planting applications in this region. If you have native plants in your property or have spotted some elsewhere, and can collect the seeds and/or fruit for us, we value this immensely. (Seeds from older, long-established trees are best.)
If you have found a Cassowary poo on your property, it is guaranteed that every seed found in that poo is one that a Cassowary would eat. We sort through them, find the native seeds, and plant these to grow more cassowary food plants. 

Report cassowary sightings. Visit to report a sighting.

Support KCons by buying from our store. Visit to check out our famous bin stickers, t-shirt iron-ons, and more. 

Financial donations. Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery Inc (KCons) is a not-for profit organisation. We work to protect and enhance the natural environment by assisting the community to use land in an ecologically sustainable way and to enhance biodiversity through education and demonstration. Our particular focus is researching and conserving the endangered Southern Cassowary population by raising local community, national and international awareness of the threats to the long term survival of this iconic species.

Habitat loss is the major threatening process imperiling the Southern Cassowary in this region. To address loss of cassowary foraging habitat, we maintain our community-based native plant nursery in Kuranda specialising in habitat and food trees for wildlife – not just cassowaries but many other rainforest species too.

Donations to Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery’s Cassowary Conservation Fund support the environmental objectives of our organisation. All donations of $2+ are tax-deductible and will further our ongoing work in cassowary conservation. Donations can be made to the Cassowary Gift Fund Account, BSB 633000, Account 155717291. Please include your name, email address and phone number in the reference note.

Please donate to help preserve our unique local rainforest and its keystone species.  Your help is gratefully accepted, and a receipt will be forwarded to you for tax purposes. 

If you have any queries about making a donation, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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