How often have each of us been slightly distracted as we drive up and down the between Kuranda and Cairns?  The same thing happens with our cassowaries.  So let’s be casso-wary on the Kuranda Range.

The issue

Cassowaries travel their territory focused on searching for food.  Sometimes it is the Dad trying to keep his reckless young brood together.  Keeping kids in order is never an easy job even for a cassowary.  Then suddenly Dad and family stand by, or even in the middle of, a busy highway. Confusion sets in.  The already endangered cassowaries face an immediate life and death situation.

Seeing a cassowary in danger on a road is distressing.  What can we do?  Is there a safe way to help?  Are you ready to take part and help guard our rainforest guardians from harm?

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Photo by G. Hannah

Here’s another way to help

Members of Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery, Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Wet Tropics Management Authority and others are working together.  Their combined aim is to find proactive ways to protect our endangered Southern Cassowary from harm.

TMR technology now brings a new project to our smart phones.  So we encourage you to support us in our trial of the new QLDTraffic app’s Report Cassowary feature.

If you use this app as soon as a cassowary is seen on the Kuranda Range:

  • You report a cassowary sighting to the QLDTraffic app
  • This triggers a warning on your smart phone app.
  • This warning remains active for an hour.
  • It alerts other drivers they’re within 500 metres of a cassowary’s last known location.
  • When using the app in ‘travel mode’ there is also an audio alert.
  • This alert tells you of a recent cassowary sighting nearby too.

Do you want to know how to install the QldTraffic app?  Please click  here

Apart from helping while driving here are some other options to help save the cassowary.

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Be Casso-wary on the Kuranda Range