About us

KCons supports the Wet Tropics Management Authority and Barron Catchment Care Association and the regional natural resources management body, Terrain, and networks with other like-minded community groups. We also foster volunteers and facilitate regional educational and research entities and individuals.

Our community native nursery of around 6000 local species, provides plants for our ongoing projects and activities which include revegetation/improvement projects from very small to very large. The plants are for sale, at a very reasonable price, to the public. Saturday mornings are set aside for nursery work and plantings and you are welcome to drop in for a chat or to join us at the work bench for a bit of potting up.

When we are not in the Nursery on Saturdays we will be out collecting cassowary scats or checking motion-sctivated cameras for the Save the Cassowary Project.

We now have over 100 members. Membership is free, and you are a member until you decide to quit.  All you need to do is to contact KCons through the contact form below. You can also phone 40 938834 .